How to Prepare to Ace The Mocks

Make a Study Plan

Organisation and planning are the keys to success in your mocks. Getting a study plan ensures that you're prepared - if you don't have one check our study plan. Also make sure subjects, are given the right amount of time and focus. Instead of sitting around wondering "what to study now?". Then getting distracted by a TikTok you were sent, it also helps you to follow a plan. You'll get straight into the study and lose no time if you have a study schedule. This is because you've set out exactly what you have to do and how long you have to do it. As you've laid out exactly what you must do and how long you have to do it. If you do not - have a look at our blog post about study planners to learn more.

Use your Christmas exam results to your advantage

Whether or not you've done well with them doesn't really matter in the long run. They won't count against you when you finally sit the dreaded Leaving Cert, and I can tell you for sure that in a couple of months, you won't even remember them - I couldn’t even tell you what I got in my Christmas exams or my mocks… Instead, simply use the findings as suggestions and a guide to what you need to do now.
So you didn’t as well as you wanted to in English - it doesn’t matter. It’s in the past, time to concentrate on what’s ahead of you. Now you know that this is a weaker topic for you and that you need to start putting more time into it now, maybe adding an additional half-hour of study each evening to strengthen the next set of exams. Did you do well in Maths? Brilliant, well done. Use that as a motivator and source of motivation for what you can do and what you are capable of. But always keep in mind that for your competence in a subject to stay strong, you need to continue practising/studying a subject. Repetition and perseverance are everything.
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Practice Makes Perfect

For most of you, the mocks are the first time you have to finish a complete paper set out precisely as it will be for the Leaving Cert. It will also be the first time having to do it within the time limit permitted. In the paper, there will be no questions that your teacher made easy for you, adapted for your class or provided you with tips. It's just going to be a standard example of a paper that will most likely come up when you have to sit the real LC in June. So it's important to get used to answering exam questions the way they're going to appear in your paper.

No Time Like The Present

There’s a reason why Carpe Diem is on every pillow or inspirational post for every man in the world. It’s a classic that is appropriate to everyone. Especially after Christmas, time moves fast, and even faster after the mocks. The fact that there are just a few months left to prep, you should not be anxious or concerned. Instead you should be inspired to get more done and in a more productive way! If you feel that your methodology does not work, maybe you should check out our blog posts on how to study effectively. Alternatively, you can try mixing/experimenting with new methods of analysis, such as mind maps, flashcards, video watching, etc.
Another thing to keep in mind with that is that it's almost over! The mocks are going to be over before you know it. You'll blink and the Leaving Cert will be done and you'll going into the summer. Then you're going to be able to your social life back again. These tests are going to be the furthest thing out of your mind. We all get through them, and so you can.

Extra: Why the Mocks are actually your friend

The mocks can be very useful for you, as irritating and worthless as you might think they are. They give you experience in the official time frame and with official content in the conduct of state exams. They also train you for the Junior/Leaving Cert. When you now realize that you have done it once before, and are thus go through it again, you'll believe in yourself. You should actually benefit from these tests. Even though you're not doing good because, let's say, you're running out of time, you're going to realize now that your pacing is something you need to work on because you're definitely not going to make the same errors which really matter for the next tests!

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