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H1 Standard Leaving Cert Home Economics Notes

We are proud to be adding these Leaving Certificate Home Economics Notes for our students!

These notes consist of over 100 slides (120 slides to be exact) that will help you get an H1 in Home Ec. These notes not only cover the 3 core syllabus sections (Food Studies, Resource Management and Consumer Studies & Social Studies) but also the electives in the syllabus (Home Design and Management, Textiles, Fashion and Design, Social Studies).

Also, this is one of the most concise Leaving Certificate Biology notes online and at only 25 euro it costs much less than some of our competitors' notes online. We even have the notes in PowerPoint or doc-style formats to make it easier for you to learn!

Practical Coursework  - 20%

This is submitted in journal form in sixth year.

Structure of the exam:

Section A: Short Questions - Answer 10 of 12 (can do all 12).

This section is worth 60 marks (18.75%). It should take about 25 minutes.

Section B: Long Questions

Question 1 - on food section - compulsory.
Question 2,3,4 & 5; do 2 of the 5.
This section is worth 180 marks (56.25%). It should take 35 minutes to do Q1, then another 20-25 minutes for each of the other 2 questions.

Section C: Elective (housing, sociology or textiles)

Follow the elective that your school is doing (or which one you prefer as we cover all three in these notes)
This section is worth 80 marks (25%). It should take about 30 - 35 mins.


In addition to these notes, we are constantly trying to expand our selection of notes to include more traditional subjects, such as Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths. Therefore, keep an eye out on the site and our socials to see when we come out with these too!

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  1. Susanna

    The H1 notes in Home Economics were detailed and helpful. In-depth information on all topics. I would definitely recommend other students to purchase to easy anxiety and provide more clarity on the subject.

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