H1GPT – H1 Standard Leaving Cert AI Chat Bot

H1GPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help Leaving Cert students achieve H1s in their exams. Our chatbot uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and relevant answers to students' questions about their Leaving Cert subjects.

We trained H1GPT on the notes for the subjects offered by H1 Notes. This includes Ag Science, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Engineering, Geography, History, Home Ec, LCVP, Maths & Physics.

The current version of the chatbot is free for everyone. But if you want a paid version that remembers your questions & has longer answers. Make sure to send us an email to ask or follow our Instagram and TikTok to find out when we release this.

Note: We do not remember using H1GPT for Language subjects such as Irish, German, French etc. This is because AI chatbots such as this and ChatGPT don't understand language and may give very false answers.

The H1GPT chatbot is the perfect study companion for any Leaving Cert student. H1GPT covers your needs whether you require help with a particular subject or seek general study tips and advice. Simply type your question into the chatbot, and it will provide you with a comprehensive answer. based on the most up-to-date information available.

In addition to its H1 standard answers, H1GPT is also incredibly easy to use. The chatbot's intuitive interface makes it simple and straightforward to ask questions and receive answers in real-time.

Overall, our chat bot is a powerful and reliable study tool that can help any Leaving Cert student achieve their academic goals. So why wait? Start using H1GPT today and take your Leaving Cert studies to the next level.