Construction Studies Notes & Project

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Construction Studies Notes & Project

Leaving Cert Construction Studies Notes Minimised - With ALL Drawings

Are you cramming for Construction Studies? Looking to get an H1 in Construction Studies? Looking for H1 standard Construction Project & Notes?

Have a look at our reduced notes for the following questions:

  •  1 – Drawing Question
  •  3 – Renovation
  •  5 – U-Values
  •  6 – Plan of House/Environmental impact
  •  7 – Drawing Question
  • 10 a) – Passive House

Questions not covered:

  • 2 – Safety/Accessibility
  • 10 b) - Sustainability

Other common topics include the following: Heating, light, electricity, and airtightness. All of these topics are broken down in-depth in our extended Construction Studies notes.

Leaving Cert Construction Studies Notes Extended - With ALL Drawings

By purchasing these notes not only do you get access to the minimised note but the extended notes that cover the entire Leaving Cert Construction Studies syllabus.

The notes are over 160 pages long and covers every section of the course including:

  • Planning Permission
  • Site Safety
  • Site Layout & Excavations
  • Foundation
  • Ground Floor
  • External Walls
  • Openings in Cavity Walls
  • Upper Floors
  • Internal Partitions
  • Roofing
  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Timber Frame Construction
  • Floors
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Drainage
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Universal Design
  • Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • Passive House Design


Tips for getting an H1 in the Leaving Cert Construction Studies exam:

  1. Drawing: Every year there are two drawing questions. Most of the time it will combine different details such as roof detail with a chimney detail. Many of the pieces are a common size.
  2. Do what you prefer: The Construction paper is very repetitive (as can be seen in the "topics" photo). Before you come in, make sure that you have your topics picked. I personally stayed away from Safety because I knew I had 2 guaranteed drawing questions, a renovation/impact question and a passive house question. These were the sections that I was most interested in.
  3. Equal time for equal marks: Some people spend all their time on the practical piece even though it is only worth a small percentage of their time: while it is nice to have something you can look back on and be proud of - for me it was about getting the most marks so I did a simple passive house detail

Leaving Cert Construction Studies Project

This product contains a brief, 4 experiments, a Checklist, and Pictures (Brief, Diary, Experiment and Primary Research Pictures) for the Leaving Cert Construction Project.

ADVICE: Here are some tips I have for getting an H1 in the Leaving Cert Construction Project:

  1.  Don't spend too much time:

    The Project & Brief is only worth 25% of your final grade. Most students spend much more time than they should in doing the Leaving Cert Construction project. A lot of people spend a lot of after class hours doing a section worth 10%. Make sure you spend the amount of time the section is worth in time. i.e spend 10% of your allocated time on the project, 50% on the exam etc.

  2. Project choice:

    Do you just want to get maximum points for your project? Or do you also want something that you can be proud to show off?  If you just want points I would recommend picking a project likes this that doesn't take up too much time but will get you maximum points.

  3. Have a checklist:

    Download this free checklist of sections that are important to have in your project. At the end of the day, the Construction Studies course isn't about being creative - it's about examiners ticking boxes to give you the best score.

  4. Don't forget the experiments:

    The experiments section is worth 5% (while the project section is worth 10%). The experiments often get overlooked by students and left until the end of the project. As I said in the first point - equal time for equal marks. They are actually quite easy and can be done over Christmas break, so make sure you do your experiments and they are clear!


We are constantly making new notes to try to help you get those 625 points in the Leaving Cert. To find out when we put out new notes make sure you follow us on our socials:



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  1. Caoimhe

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      Great to hear you liked them!

  2. Ava Connolly

    Excellent notes, drawings very precise and well done out… ideal notes for your leaving cert! 🙌🏽

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