Getting A H1 in The Leaving Cert With Calculated Grades For 2021

625 LC points - Get a H1 with predictive grades

Please let me preface this by saying I am not a part of the SEC. I have no say if the Leaving Cert will be cancelled for 2021. This is merely my opinion that it is likely that it will be cancelled again. While the government has come out to say that the 2021 Leaving Cert will go ahead. If a level 5 lockdown happens again will they change? Originally the date was set back to July for the Leaving Cert. Some people might think is tin-foil hat territory but things change quickly so why not be prepared if it is cancelled?
So with this in mind, this is how I would try to get a H1 in 2021 - with calculated grades (if the grading process is similar to 2020). Again this is an opinion, not a fact.

Wow. What a year 2020 has been so far. I don't think anyone expected the year to go as it has so far. Especially when we were saying '2020 will be my year' in January. People really didn't like some things the government did/ lacked to do in dealing with the pandemic. But with hindsight, I think most people would agree that calling off the Leaving Certificate exams was the right call from the government. But this left the hole of how to replace it? Predictive/ calculated grades - love them or hate them it seems like they could be on the cards again.
The World Health Organisation does not expect a vaccine to be ready until mid to late 2021. It seems likely that in 2021, the Leaving Cert may be cancelled again (or possibly delayed).

How mock exams my affect your leaving cert results
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Ace your Homework, Christmas Exams and Mocks To get Great Calculated Grades

One of the main factors that you can control (as some of the factors were out of your control like Junior Cert results) is your grades in school. Making sure you have H1 standard homework leaves a Trail. Which, the examiner can use to justify giving you good estimated/ calculated grades. After we ran a poll on our Instagram it was near 50/50 split between people getting their course /points they wanted and not getting what they wanted. Therefore, it is important to set a baseline of good homework. This is so that estimated grades can work off. It is also important that any midterm test/ Christmas test / mocks you have are top-notch as well. This won't be like any other Leaving Cert before it. If the Leaving Cert is cancelled it could be similar to continuous assessment except the assessment is derived from your school results.

Don't be a teachers pet but be on their good side to get a H1 in the Leaving Cert

No one likes a teacher's pet - but they are not your enemy

Every class has that student that hangs on every word of the teacher. This may be because they genuinely really like them or the subject or sometimes is just to be in the good books. While I am not saying go get your teacher an apple, everyone has that teacher they simply don't like. Simple things such as trying to talk less (this was my Achilles heel in class - I would talk to the wall), and asking questions will pay dividends. I think you have to start trying to get along with them. I have seen multiple videos of students either crying how their teacher brought them down or even confronting them in public. This is a bad outcome for both parties. You don't need to be best friends but try your best get along.

How handing up your homework early can help you get a H1 in the Leaving Cert

Finish your homework early

Similar to getting on with your teacher - coming to class with everything in order will reflect well on you. You need to make sure you do your assigned homework before it is due. Not only will this free up your time and help you clear your head to follow your study plan (Oh you don't have a study plan? check out this blog post). This approach shows initiative to your teacher, again putting you in the good books. Some people may call you out for it but you'll have the last laugh. Especially when you get the points you want/ the course you wanted & they don't get either because of grade inflation.

Extra class could be key to getting a H1 in the Leaving Cert

Got extra class? go to them

Some teacher really put in the extra work. They put on after school classes to make sure you get your projects are done (if you need a hand with project briefs check out our store) or just finish the course (such as higher-level maths). You need to make sure you are going to these classes. Not only to make sure you don't fall behind but also to show your teacher you are committed to doing your best. This also extends to asking questions - make sure you are asking questions and interacting with the teacher. So you're on the top of their mind of students for H1 grades.

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