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H1 Standard Leaving Certificate Geography Notes

Geography is one of the hardest subjects in the Leaving Cert to get an H1 in - so we created these notes that include some H1 example exam questions.
With over 450 slides and nearly 100,000 words, these are definitely our most in-depth notes to date!

Geography Course Content

Physical Geography

  • Rivers
  • The Sea
  • Glaciation
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Weather & Climate
  • Karst Regions

Regional geography

  • Irish Regions
  • European Region
  • Continental/ Subcontinental Regions
  • Geographical investigation

Two Elective Units :

  • Patterns and processes in economic activities (elective)
    • Energy (not covered)
    • Developing Economies (covered)
    • Multinationals and Globalisation (not covered)
    • European Union (covered)
  • Patterns and processes in the human environment (elective)
    • Population (covered)
    • Urban Geography (covered)

Four Optional Units (pick one; higher level only):

  • Global interdependence (not covered)
  • Geoecology (not covered)
  • Culture and identity (covered)
  • The Atmosphere-Ocean environment (not covered)

Geography Exam Layout

  1. Geographical Investigation Report (20%)
  2. Written Examination (80%)

2 hours and 50 minutes long, which is made up of three parts:

  • Part One (80 marks & 25 mins)
    • Need to answer 10/12 - but should do all.
  • Part Two (240 marks & 1 hr 30 mins)
    • Essay question - pick 1 question in each section - 80 marks & 30 mins each
      • First Section: Physical Geography (Q1, Q2, Q3 - Pick one)
      • Second Section: Regional Geography (Q4, Q5, Q6 - Pick one)
      • Third Section: Human Elective (Q7, Q8, Q9 - Pick one) OR Economic Elective (Q10, Q11, Q12 - Pick one)
  • Part Three (Higher level only)
    • You will be given 4 questions on your chosen option and you pick one. Each question will require you to write a single longer essay where you discuss three or four aspects of the theme in detail in 30 minutes (80 marks)


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