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H1 Standard Leaving Certificate Irish Notes

Even though Irish is our national language most people still struggle with it, and after retyping 15,000 words we can finally offer some leaving cert Irish notes on H1 Notes!

These notes mostly cover the oral, the listening and the written papers but do not cover the sraith pictiur.

Course Outline (higher level):

(i)   Bealtriail (The Oral/ speaking exam)  240 marks - 40%

(ii)  The Aural/listening exam. 60 marks - 10%

(iii)  Two written papers.  300 marks - 50%

Paper One - 100 marks
Written Section you have a choice of: an essay, a story, a newspaper article or a debate/speech.

Paper Two - 200marks

  • Two reading comprehensions usually connected to cultural affairs, famous people, current affairs, etc.
  • Then there are questions on compulsory prose and poetry. Next, there is are four stories and one film/drama on the prose course which are also on the ordinary level paper.
  • There is a question on a theme or character or an aspect of the story or film.
  • There are five poems printed on the paper. Lastly, there are eight additional higher level poems on the course.


At a little over 90 pages off notes, this is one of the most concise Leaving Certificate Irish notes online and at only €25 euro is cost much less than some of the other notes online.

As you can see we are constantly trying to expand our selection of notes not just leaving cert Irish notes, to include more traditional subjects, such as Leaving Cert Higher Level Business. Therefore, keep an eye out on the site and our socials to see when we come out with these too!

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