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H1 Standard Leaving Cert Biology Notes

We are proud to come be adding these Leaving Certificate Biology Notes for the 2020/21 year!

These notes consist of over 350 slides (363 slides to be exact) that will help you get an H1 in Biology. These notes cover the 3 main syllabus sections ( Biology - The Study of Life, The Cell, The Organism).

Also, this is one of the most concise Leaving Certificate Biology notes online and at only €25 euro it costs much less than some of our competitors' notes online.


The Biology Sections covered by these H1 Standard Notes:

Biology - The Study of Life: Unit 1

  1. The Scientific Method
  2. The Characteristics of Life
  3. Nutrition
  4. General Principles of Ecology
  5. A Study of an Ecosystem

Cell: Unit 2

  1. Cell Structure
  2. Cell Metabolism
  3. Cell Continuity
  4. Cell Diversity
  5. Genetics

Organism: Unit 3

  1. Diversity of Organisms
  2. Organisation and the Vascular Structures
  3. Transport and Nutrition
  4. Breathing System and Excretion
  5. Responses to Stimuli
  6. Reproduction and Growth

The Biology Paper Layout:

Section A-

Six short questions - answer five - 100 marks (25%)

Section B -

Three questions about practical activities - answer two - 60 marks (15%)

Section C-

Six long questions - answer four - 240 marks (60%)


Biology Tips

The Biology course is really diverse and covers everything from Cell Biology to the Human Body to Ecology and Plants. Make sure you know your definitions when studying Biology. They can often make up 25% of the questions on the exam. There are only 22 experiments to be learned and these often make up over 20% of the marks. Also, for each experiment be able to draw a diagram of the setup and know all of the steps and the reasons for taking these steps. Many students decide to leave out whole sections of the course such as Plants or Ecology. Be careful doing this as you will have to answer at least a few questions in the short questions and it's a risky strategy if difficult questions come up in your chosen topics. Therefore it is recommended you cover the entire course


In addition to these notes, we are constantly trying to expand our selection of notes to include more traditional subjects, such as Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths. Therefore, keep an eye out on the site and our socials to see when we come out with these too!

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