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Want to get your hands on our H1 Standard History Essays but you don't want to buy the full set of notes? You can now buy individual history essays!


H1 Standard Leaving Certificate Individual History Essays

After what has felt like an eternity we have finally finished writing up our History Notes. With over 600 slides and over 150,000 words (for reference that's more words than is in the first Lord Of the Rings book), these are some of the most extensive notes you will find around!

Since you can just learn off the historical events from your school books these notes focus on example history essays & the skills needed to get a H1 in History.

History Leaving Cert Higher Level —Exam Breakdown

Marks: 400
Time Allocated: 2 hours 50 minutes (170 minutes)

Pre-submitted Research Study Report (100 marks): Students may have up to 20% obtained prior to even sitting the written exam for completing the Research Study Report.
Section 1 (100 marks) — 35 minutes: Documents-based questions, Students must answer all parts of this section.
Section 2 (100 marks) — 45 minutes: Ireland: Topics 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. There are four questions on each topic and students must answer one question from one topic.
Section 3 (200 marks) — 90 minutes: Europe and the wider world: Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. There are four questions on each topic and students must answer one question on each of the two topics. (2 questions in total)

At a little over 600 pages of notes, essays, skills and study tips,  this is one of the most expansive sets of Leaving Certificate History notes online and at only €25 euro it costs much less than some of the other notes online.

As you can see we are constantly trying to expand our selection of notes to include more traditional subjects, such as Leaving Cert Higher Level Business. Therefore, keep an eye out on the site and our socials to see when we come out with these too!

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Individual Essay

Achievements of Isaac Butt & Charles Stewart Parnell, Action Taken By European Powers to Hitler's Foreign Policy up to WW2, Belfast Blitz & Impact it Had on North & South Relations, Belfast Blitz, Bombing of Belfast & Its Impact on the NI Government, Britain, Germany & France During WW2, Censorship of Radio & Cinema as Tools of Propaganda by Germany & Italy, Changes in Presidency from Roosevelt to Regan, Contribution of Douglas Hyde & Gaelic League, Contribution of James Larkin to the Irish Labour Movement, Cultural History: Cultural Revival and the GAA 1880-1914, Cumann na nGaedhael Economic Policies 1923-32, Cumann na nGaedhael Policies from 1923-32 & Fianna Fail's policies from 1932-39, Development of Unionism 1886-1914, Dictatorship & Democracy in Europe 1920-45, Emergences of Fasicism in Europe Between the Wars & Why Democracy Survived in Britain & France, History Notes – Full, Hitler's Foreign Policy, How American Culture Was Shaped By Religion, Education & Mass Media, How Culture Shaped Nationalism 1870-1914, How Did Lenin and Stalin Transform The Economy & Soceity of the USSR, How Did Stalin Use Propaganda & Terrir to Reamin in Power, How Did the Signing of the Treaty Lead into Civil War, How Effective Were the Internal & External Policies of Benito Mussolini, How Stalin Transformed the Society & Economy of the USSR, How Successful Was Civil Right Agitation In The US During the 1945-68 Period, How the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 Influenced The Development of Ireland's Two Main Political Parties, How the French Third Republic Failed & Was Vichy France a Success, How the Moon Landing Affected Domestic & Foerign Affairs for USA, How the US Became Involved In The Conflict In Vietnam by 1965, Impact of Land Agiation and Land Reform in the Period 1870-1909, Impact of the 1885-1886 General Election, Impact of WW2 On the Society & economy of the Two Irish States, Importance of Martin Luther King Jr, Influence of Radio & Cinema in USA & UK During the Inter-war Period, Ireland and the Catholic Church in the 1920s & 1930s, Jarrow March – Was it a Success, John Redmond vs Edward Carson Leadership Styles Up to 1914, Johnson & Vietnam War, Land Purchase in Ireland 1870-1909, Learned About WW2 from Your Studies of Wartime Alliance, Learned about WW2 from Your Study of the Technology of War, Lenin Was A Political Genius But Was Certainly No Democrat, Main Issues Discussed During The Treaty Negotiation & How Were They Resolved, Main Political Developments in NI & Between North & South, Martin Luther King Jr Influence in the Civil Rights Movement, Michael – Impact Socially & Politically (Contribution to Social & Political Reform), Michael Davitt – Impact Socially & Politically (Contribution to Social & Political Reform), Michael Davitt 1846-1906, Michael Davitt's Contribution to Land Reform, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Mussolini's Foreign Policy Leading Up to WW2, Mussolini's Rise to Power & What His Success and Failure as a Leader, Origins and Leadership of Isaac Butt, 1870-79, Parnell's Involvement with Home Rule, Parnell's Involvement with Land Question, Part Played By Sir James Craig as First Prime Minister of NI Betweem 1921-40, Party After Parnell 1891-1914, Plans Made for Easter Rising of 1916 & Main Events of Easter Week, Political & Economic Developments in NI Between 1921-39, Problems Faced by Germany & Britain During the Inter-War Years, Rise of Nazism in Germany, Sinn Féin Programme for 1918 & How It Succeeded by 1921, Social & Economic Developments in Belfast & Dublin 1870-1914, Social & Economic Problems That Beset Britain During the Interwar Period, Social & Economical Developements in Belfast & Dublin 1870-1914, Stalin & Economical Developments in Belfast & Dublin 1870-1914, Stalin Used The Purges & The Show Trials to Consolidate His Power, The 1913 Lockout, The Affect of the Vietnam War on US Politics & Society, The History of Women in Ireland from Studying of the Suffrage Movement, The Impact On American Society After An Economical Boom Between 1945-65, The Importance of Martin Luther King Jr, The Land Acts, The Origin & Early Development of the GAA, The Origin of the War of Independence & The Main Events up to The Truce in 1921, The Role of Winston Churchill During the War, The Role of Yeats in Promoting Nationalism in Ireland in the Early 1900s, The USA Lost The Vietnam War Not On the Battlefield But at Home, To What Extent Was the Anglo-Irish Treaty Responsible for the Irish Civil War, To What Extent Was WW2 Caused by Hitler's Foreign Policy, What Contribution Did Joseph Goebbels & Lent Riefenstahl Make to Nazi Propaganda, What Did Stalin Do To Consolidate His Power, What Part Did Eamon De Valera Play in The Anglo Irish Relations Between 1932-45, What Was the Eucharistic Congress 1932 & Why Was It A Big Occassion For Ireland, Which Organisation Was More Effective – The GAA or The Gaelic League, Why America Lost the Vietnam War, Why Stable Democratic Institutions Failed to Survive in Italy, Why The Negotitations & Terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 Were Controversial, Why the Tet Offensive Was A Turning Point In the Vietnam War


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